IP Licensing

David Intellectual Property Law represents independent inventors, investors, colleges, universities, small- to medium-sized businesses and start-ups in negotiating the usage of their intellectual property by the public and private entities.

Often, individuals and entities may be interested in starting a new business, expanding an existing business (extending your territory or the nature of business) or improving the quality of the goods or services and thereby its market position. In many situations, licensing of intellectual property rights is an effective tool for achieving these business goals.

A licensing agreement is a partnership between an intellectual property rights owner (licensor) and another who is authorized to use such rights (licensee) in exchange for an agreed payment (fee or royalty). A variety of such licensing agreements are available, which may be broadly categorized as follows:

  • Patent License Agreement
  • Technology License Agreement
  • Trademark Licensing and Franchising Agreement
  • Copyright License Agreement

For more information regarding licensing your intellectual property, please contact David Intellectual Property Law to schedule a consultation.

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