What Does An Employee Intellectual Property Agreement Do?

An Employee Intellectual Property Agreement ensures that you have legal claim to the intellectual property that you pay your employee to create for you. That includes inventions, patents, graphic design, written copy, art, and more!

A lot of employers assume that they automatically own the stuff that you employees create. Although there are certain situations where it is, there’s a lot more grey area than you’d expect.

For example, what if your employee took the knowledge that they learned from your training, and then used it to create a direct competitor? Or if they clock out during part of the time they are working on a project so that they can claim partial ownership?

Unfortunately, it happens. Having an Employee Intellectual Property Agreement eliminates those grey areas, allowing you to not have to worry about that.

How Does It Work?

1) Fill Out A 10 Minute Form
2) Pay Your 49 USD Invoice
3) We Will Draft Your Agreement
4) We Will Send It For Digital Signing To Both You And Your Employee

Why Choose SNAP Legal?

It used to be that, if you wanted an agreement to protect your intellectual property, your options were pretty costly:

1) Hire an attorney and spend upwards of $250 to get them to draft and send it for you,

2) Spend thousands of dollars to go through the training to learn how to craft it properly yourself,

3) Try to write it yourself, without any guidance/education, and potentially ruin your chance at justice, or

4) Go without an agreement and potentially losing your intellectual property.


But hey, that’s just the price of running a business, right?

Maybe in the past…

…until we decided to do things a better way!


We created a step-by-step system that teaches you exactly what you need to know. No unnecessary legal jargon, no dictionary required.

Simply watch a few videos that explain what you need to do in order to prepare your legal work, and work alongside the videos to get everything started & completed fast.

With the help of Devin Miller, a legal attorney that specializes in patents & trademarks (and CEO of Miller IP Law), and Joseph Yarrington, legal automation specialist, you can get your patent finished fast!

You get all this without the crazy cost you might expect. Because we don’t have to charge you for attorney’s time, we pass those savings directly on to you!

Rather than spending upwards of $250 on an agreement, you can DIY it with SNAP Legal for just $49!

So why should you choose SNAP Legal?

Because it offers an option that is robust, affordable, and done in a snap!

Should I Use SNAP Legal, or Use A Lawyer Instead?

SNAP Legal isn’t for everyone. If you are looking for higher-end, personalized legal work that was crafted by an experienced attorney, SNAP Legal won’t give that to you. An attorney will.

Compare the differences using the chart below:

How Much Does it Cost?

DIY-ing an employee intellectual property agreement with SNAP Legal costs $49. You have the option to hire an attorney help later on in the process for small additional fees, but those are optional.

How Much Is A Trademark Worth?

A employee intellectual property agreement’s worth depends on the situation surrounding it. Although it’s a simple contract, going without it can wreak massive havoc to your business.

In short, if you fail to adequately protect your intellectual property, and someone else uses your intellectual property, you lose out on revenue, equity, and the opportunity to use the intellectual property that you paid to have created.

Who Needs An Employee Intellectual Property Agreement?

Any employer who hires creative, inventive, or intellectual employees.


If you have employees that create intellectual property, you need an Employee Intellectual Property Agreement.

So if you have any engineers, inventors, graphic designers, artists, writers, editors, etc. you need an agreement.